Welcome to the Nomad World Map plugin documentation page and thank you for installing our plugin.

After installing the plugin, you will find a new menu called “Nomad Map” in the left column of the WordPress dashboard.



We will start from the General Settings page, where to include the Google Maps Api Keys, which are mandatory for the plugin to work. Creating the API key is very simple and you can use the same key for both the Google API Browser Key and Google API Server Key.

Here you can also set if you want to draw lines between the markers and optionally draw curved lines on the map.

You can chose what location to zoom on on 1st pageload. (First or Last)

You can also define the Map zoom level, the map type and the Past and Future route colors.


Content Options

Here you can decide to show the post thumbnails in a circle, include a “read more” link for blog posts, define the “Read more” label, decide where to show the location content (Slider or Tooltip) and enable/disable to show the location name under the header.


Route Editor Options

Here you can enable to show the coordinates input field. Useful to set pointers on the map with more precision.


Map Controls

Here we can enable to show the street view controls and also the position of the map controls and the zoom control style.


Route Editor

In the Route Editor page we can create our itinerary. We can select the Country or City, the location content, that can be a post excerpt, a custom description or just the travel dates. We can set the position of the new location. After the last or before any of the existing.
We can set a custom thumbnail or use the default and add the travel dates.

From the Route editor we can also edit or delete any of the existing locations.


Manage Maps

Nomad World Map allows you to create unlimited maps. By default when installed it create the 1st only, but you can create as many as you want from this option page.



The FAQ page answers to the most frequent questions about the plugin.