my name is Felipe Orozco and I am a Mexican student with a passion for IT and WordPress. I just recently (August 2016) took over the development of the Nomad World Map plugin. For the moment I only updated it to work with the latest version of WordPress and fixed few bugs. I will try to provide the best level of support but please keep in mind that this plugin is provided for free and I have limited time to work on it.

At the moment I’m not planning to add any new features to plugin.

Nomad World Map allows to create a map with an itinerary, each point on the map can be assigned to a blog post, a simple description or just the travel dates.


All credits for the Nomad World Map plugin go to Tijmen Smit who originally developed it. Thanks for passing me the development of the Nomad World Map plugin and allowing me to step into the WordPress plugin development universe, taking care of a software that already powers more than 4000 websites.

Hope you enjoy Nomad World Map, I also Blog, so don’t forget to follow me and subscribe to our feed!